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About Us

AYA Rehab Center, based in Canyon Country (Los Angeles County), California, is a 30-90 day, residential detox center specializing in addiction treatment and dual diagnosis treatment. The experienced team helps adults over 18 with substance use disorder problems such as alcohol use disorder - opiod use disorder and Co-Occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Bipolar disorder.

Patients at AYA Rehab Center benefit from residential detox programs according to their varying needs and preferences. Approaches to detoxification, treatment, and recovery include medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and withdrawal management using buprenorphine (Suboxone®) and other medications, IMS services with 24/7 medical & nursing care, individual and group therapy, psychoeducation, case management, counseling, 12-step and holistic approaches, and recreational activities & outings.  

AYA Rehab Center

Our Mission

AYA Rehab Center values trust, resilience, and friendship. The team is committed to patient recovery and safety, emphasizing excellent communication and responsiveness to patients’ needs. The practice believes in an overall holistic & integrative approch to healing individuals and their families.


AYA Rehab Center’s compassionate staff believes that recovery is possible even for those with severe, life-threatening addictions and mental health disorders. AYA Rehab Center aims to erase addiction stigma through education and social model features. The team provides 24/7 integrative support services and accessible, medically managed treatments for individuals and families, focusing on recovery and relapse prevention.

Meet The Team

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