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Co-Founder & CEO

Aya Rehab Center, Recovery, Detox, Addiction, Alcohol, Drugs, Los Angeles

Meet Yelena, our Co-Founder and CEO. Yelena has a very personal journey with the process of transformation. Growing up in Los Angeles, California she has been exposed to multiple experiences regarding the struggle of addiction. She has walked through the depths of darkness that had left her with the loss of friends who’ve overdosed, loss of friendships and relationships that guided her to her passion for serving those that are battling addiction.


Yelena believes that the healing journey does not have to be a lonely one. She understands that addiction manifests itself through built up underlying pain. With patience and faith, she declares herself to be a source of grace to all of whom she encounters. She believes that there is profound power in the ministry of PRESENCE and SUPPORT.


By combining her knowledge of medical science with mental health, Yelena was able to create a safe sanctuary where authenticity, integrity and unconditional love are practiced. With her unique ideology and love for nature she believes that by incorporating Animal Therapy followed by several other holistic and medical services will help aid in the recovery process; through rewiring the nervous system naturally by reconnecting with, remembering and observing the beauty this world has to offer. Through experience and studies, she learned that the companionship of the animals has proven benefits in both medical and psychological work.



Despite what season you are in and what hardships you are fighting: emotionally, physically and mentally; Yelena knows that the key to alchemy is finding beauty in the ugly. In every experience, tragedy and obstacle there is an opportunity to level up as a human being. She believes in the power of reprogramming your belief system that has held you hostage and kept you in reoccurring cycles.

Through her love for self-development and leadership she learned, “what you hold in your mind, you will hold in your hands”. Yelena loves to incorporate visualization that enhances emotions, which are essentially just energy in motion (E-motion). Through this process we can release built up negative energy and better understand what our goal is. What would it BE like to operate as the highest version of yourself? What would it LOOK like? And most importantly, what would it FEEL like? How would that version of you create a domino effect that would contribute to a positive change in your life and those around you? She believes that you are more than capable of shifting your reality and are worthy of creating the life you desire by working on your inner world. By embodying and being the most authentic, integrity driven version of yourself. She acknowledges that only you know what it is like to be in your shoes.


However, Yelena is ready to be of service and support by walking beside you on your path to becoming “A Better You”.

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