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Co-Founder, COO & DON

Aya Rehab Center, Recovery, Detox, Addiction, Alcohol, Drugs, Los Angeles

Meet Anna, our Co-Founder, COO & DON. Anna has a distinct passion for serving those in need. Using her clinical background in Nursing, she has led as head nurse and DON in several facilities.    


Anna believes in the power of self-assessment and therapeutic regeneration. Combining her knowledge of medicine with self-development, Anna was able to create a safe sanctuary where authenticity, integrity and unconditional love are practiced.


Using MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) Anna is able to bring her leadership expertise from the nursing field into the Drug and Alcohol Addiction recovery journey. She has worked with clients who suffer from many forms of addiction and helped aid in their healing process. By assessing each client thoroughly, Anna works alongside our doctor and therapists to create an individual short-term and long-term Care Plan.  


With her love for patient care and lending a helping hand, Anna uses her unique therapeutic skills to create a welcoming atmosphere for all individuals ready to become the best versions of themselves.


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