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Group Therapy

Battling with an addiction can often feel isolating because not many people understand your personal struggles. AYA Rehab Center in Canyon Country, California, provides group therapy where you can meet with others experiencing the same challenges. Group therapy offers mutual recognition and support that helps you overcome substance use disorders. 

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What is group therapy?


Group therapy involves meeting regularly with a skilled drug counselor and a group of other people who are struggling with substance use disorder.


Group therapy is a valuable component of a comprehensive treatment program for addiction. AYA Rehab Center offers group therapy to support recovery and help you stay sober. All patients have the opportunity to participate in group therapy.


What benefits does group therapy offer?


Group therapy has numerous benefits, including:

  • Combatting social isolation

  • Reducing the stigma of addiction

  • Increasing your social support network

  • Helping you practice coping strategies

  • Improving communication and people skills

  • Increasing self-worth

  • Reducing guilt and shame

  • Controlling drug or alcohol cravings

  • Preventing treatment drop-out

  • Increasing motivation

  • Reducing self-destructive and risky behaviors

  • Reinforcing accountability

  • Providing structure in day-to-day life

  • Promoting feelings of belonging

Patients who participate in group therapy appreciate the chance to communicate their thoughts and feelings with some of the few people who truly understand their struggles.


The group is a secondary support structure that ensures you don’t feel alone while providing an opportunity for you to help fellow patients with substance use disorder.


What should I expect from group therapy?


Group therapy sessions at AYA Rehab Center bring together people on a similar journey to your own. Some groups have a specific focus, for example:


Introductory group therapy: Introductory group therapy is for new patients beginning their recovery journey. You might discuss treatment options and what to expect from rehabilitation.


Recovery group therapy: Recovery groups help people who’ve completed their acute MAT or other treatment programs to support each other.


What happens during a typical group therapy session?


At a typical group therapy session, you and your fellow attendees sit in a circle, and the mediator (counselor or other health professional) suggests topics for discussion.


Group discussions cover several theraputic topics related to codependecy and self assessment. It’s essential for participants to feel they comfortable by creating an open space for honesty to thrive, while avoiding disharmony and minimizing confrontation.


You might also benefit from joining a 12-step program like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous that uses self-help and peer support. Here at AYA we team with AA meeting programs and host several at our facility!

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