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Outpatient Care

Once you’ve completed the inpatient detox & residential program, outpatient treatment or sober living is strongly suggested as the next step in recovery. The experts at AYA Rehab Center want long-term success for their clients. As part of your residential detox program, AYA Rehab Center provides Aftercare and Discharge Planning to help ensure relapse prevention and continued support in your recovery journey.

          There are different levels of outpatient care and every outpatient program varies in terms of the approach and services that they offer. Some people will also want or need to stay in a sober living environment. It can feel overwhelming to make the choice that's right for your individual needs.

          Your case management and clinical team at AYA Rehab Center will help you navigate the options through Discharge Planning and formulate an Aftercare Plan specific to your personal goals and lifestyle. The compassionate team offers help with referrals to outpatient programs and sober living environments that match your unique situation. 

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What is Outpatient care?


Outpatient care includes addiction and mental health services during the day only. Patients go back to their homes between outpatient treatments. Due to the lack of around-the-clock support, most reputable outpatients require that an individual complete a residential treatment stay prior to entering the program. There are several different levels of outpatient treatment, including PHP (partial hospitalization), IOP (intensive outpatient), and OP (outpatient treatment). Although outpatient treatment and/or sober living aren’t available at AYA Rehab Center, the practice provides patients with Discharge Planning and Aftercare Planning, giving them the tools and resources needed to connect patients with effective outpatient programs or housing.


The AYA Rehab Center provides residential detox inpatient care, where patients stay overnight at the facility for several weeks or months. 


What is a Sober Living house?


Sober living houses or SLE (sober living environment) are for individuals exiting residential inpatient and provide housing facilities with supportive and structured living conditions to patients struggling with substance use. They serve as a transitional living space between inpatient care and mainstream society. They provide a temporary living space that keeps people in recovery away from triggers, reducing the risk of a relapse. 


Sober living homes provide peer support environments post-residential treatment that prepare residents for reintegration into a healthy, safe way of life. 


How does AYA Rehab Center assist with Aftercare?


AYA Rehab Center helps their patients with aftercare in two ways; Discharge Planning and Aftercare Planning:


Discharge Planning 

AYA provides every patient Discharge Planning with our interprofessional team. Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder are chronic diseases, meaning that the work does not end the moment someone leaves treatment. Some people find that exiting treatment can actually be a trigger for relapse. A Discharge Plan helps patients with a tool kit they can use once treatment is completed. It may include things like a relapse prevention plan, a list of safe or sober support people they can call when in crisis, or techniques to use when experiencing anxiety or anger. 


Aftercare Planning

Deciding what steps to take after residential treatment can be stressful and overpowering. People who are newly sober can find these emotions difficult to deal with on their own, and making decisions in early recovery can seem like a daunting task. At AYA Rehab Center they are with you every step of the way. Patients will come up with an Aftercare Plan, supported by AYA's trained team. Every patient is different; some have a family and a job to return to and some have no support system, housing, or employment. No matter your individual situation, AYA Rehab Center's therapists, counselors, case managers, and registered drug and alcohol support staff will equip you with the resources needed to receive top-quality outpatient care, access sober living environments, or simply help you plan your next steps, such as a 12-step meeting schedule, or referal to an outside therapist. 


AYA Rehab Center ensures each patient receives the information and guidance needed to recover from an addiction properly, heal from trauma, and receive superior mental health care.


To determine which type of outpatient care you might be a candidate for, the AYA Rehab Center team discusses your medical history, mental health history, medications, lifestyle, social support network, housing situation, and more. 


They work with you to ensure the interventions necessary to thrive long-term and avoid a substance use relapse. 

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